We are a team of dedicated and clinically trained professionals. Our goal is to create affordable and exceptional dental care providing our clients with complete solutions for dental problems in less than a week. We are located in the beautiful part of the world, so you can rest, relax, and pampering yourself a “tooth-vacation”.

Bali 911 Dental Clinic has been known as a place for creating beautiful smiles for decades. We work efficiently to provide our patients reliable and beautiful results. We have patients coming from around the world, many Australian tourists, some of Europeans and Americans, few others Asians countries looking for extensive dental work done accompanied by a vacation to experience Bali.
Trust us for your “tooth-vacation.”

For your benefits, we offer you treatments such as:
• Mouth rehabilitation with dental implants packages
• Mouth rehabilitation with full fixed bridge (up to 12 or 24 crowns), 7 to 10 days working time
• Dental crowns and bridges (3 to 7 days working time)
• Dental veneers
• Dental implants
• Teeth whitening
• Professional dental cleaning
• Gingivectomy for gum diseases
• Laser Periodontal therapy
• Dental Fillings
• Teeth extraction and Odontectomy

Emergency treatment
call 24/7 (0361) 226455
For severe toothache and emergency situations, please call us 24/7 at +628123800911


Effective yet efficient (in price) solution for dental rehabilitation
Sure we are aware of the prices for dental rehabilitation nowadays. We offer you dental rehabilitation package with only 2-4 implants and supporting dentures. It is acceptable in aesthetic and restored teeth function. In comparison with 6-8 implants supporting full bridge, the experience is nearly has no different. Likewise, some patients are not willing to continue using denture prosthesis. Well, the choice is yours, need to keep in mind that this solution is far better than your 100 percents gum support-loose dentures. Ask for our price now!!


Screw-retained restorations, no cement for retentions with advantages of reducing food impaction surrounding restorations (bridgework) to improve oral hygiene and longevity of restorations.


CEREC Veneer
Cerec veneer is a state of art to design the smile. Our technology using Sirona’s CAD CAM is able to create high precision veneers in a very short time. We can design your new look in less than 24 hours. Please check our latest case.